Hey! Here are some things I made!


Here's a short I wrote that isn't as bleak as the title may imply.


My NBC Playground pilot!


This is one of my favorite sketches I wrote for Maya & Marty, starring dreamboats Maya Rudolph and Sean Hayes.


Very proud to share this series I wrote and starred in for Above Average about two monster LA club girls in the backseat of an Uber-type car. We are the worst and it's the best. You can watch the full season below!


Here's a sketch I wrote and directed with Megan Rosati. Please, be an angel, adopt a fully grown, yet utterly helpless man today.

Adult Wednesday Addams

Episode 4: Dog Walker 

Here is another episode in my series, guest starring the brilliant Jessica Lowe. You can see all of it on my YouTube channel. 

Adult Wednesday Addams

Episode 1: The Apartment Hunt

Here's the premiere episode of my new series! It's got everything from mystery creatures to undead grandparents. Check the full series here

Press Junket Gone Horribly Wrong

This is a video that fits within the world of the zombie movie I wrote with Megan Rosati.  We play the worst kinds of people.

Passo Aggro 

A sketch I wrote about passive aggressive roommates, since they're the worst. Or maybe they're not. I don't know. Have you done your dishes yet? You know what, forget it.


Scion xD Walkaround

Sometimes I sell cars. I'm not very good at it.

Hipster Shore 

The original trailer, improvised and devised by my sketch group Family Sandwich. 

4th of July Message from Hipster Shore

I wrote this very important PSA starring the cast of Hipster Shore.

Hipster Shore: Episode 1 - Skinny Dipping at Dawn

This is the 1st episode of our web series. You can check the rest here.  

Emoji Codes

A very important vlog about breaking down the new universal language (emojis, duh). Devised & improvised by me and Heidi.

Not Tonightie 

A sketch I co-wrote about a revolutionary new product that solves all your womanly woes! 

Coming Out on Christmas

A sketch I wrote about a girl who, well, comes out on Christmas... with surprising results! Yeah! You heard me! Surprising!


This is a very creepy, funny short film I acted in. This is also the reason I don't let my friends set me up on dates.

Triple eXXXecs

This powerhouse advertising trio knows what it takes to sell a product. And it's really sexy. (Probably my most NSFW vid)