Here's a short I wrote that isn't as bleak as the title may imply.


My NBC Playground pilot!


Very proud to share this series I wrote and starred in for Above Average about two monster LA club girls in the backseat of an Uber-type car. We are the worst and it's the best. You can watch the full season below!


Here's a sketch I wrote and directed with Megan Rosati. Please, be an angel, adopt a fully grown, yet utterly helpless man today.

Passo Aggro 

A sketch I wrote about passive aggressive roommates, since they're the worst. Or maybe they're not. I don't know. Have you done your dishes yet? You know what, forget it.

Emoji Codes

A very important vlog about breaking down the new universal language (emojis, duh). Devised & improvised by me and Heidi.


Here is a very creepy, funny short film I acted in.