LA Weekly Interview about Backseat Bitches!

LA Weekly wrote a great piece about my favorite monster club girls. It even made it into the *actual* newspaper which means my grandma will finally believe this is a real career!

Interview with Above Average!

Check out this interview I did with Above Average if you want to know more about Wednesday Season 2 and how I sprained two fingers this one time. It's all in there!

Gizmodo Names Adopt-A-Dude the Top Comedy Video of the Week!

Oh man, I love Gizmodo, this is so great!

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NYLON Magazine features Adult Wednesday

Can't really be more excited about Nylon's killer endorsement of Adult Wednesday Addams!

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I'm writing for SketchCram at UCB Saturday Nov. 9th! 

We put together a sketch show in one day! Should be awesome and nuts. Sat. 11/9 at midnight!

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THE HAIRPIN shows Wednesday some love. 

I go to The Hairpin every day, and today, they posted Wednesday Addams. That is just the best thing.

HELLO GIGGLES Loves Wednesday! 

One of my favorite sites wrote a wonderful post on Wednesday and interviewed me for the piece. Check it out! 

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THE BUSTLE covers Adult Wednesday Addams! 

 "Hunter’s sardonic wit is frighteningly on point." 

My YouTube channel reaches 10,000 subscribers! !!

4 weeks after launching the series and my channel, I have 10,000 beautiful subscribers. That is just the best news. Thanks to everyone who subscribed! I subscribe to your awesomeness! 

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THE DAILY DOT is a fan of Wednesday

"If you ever felt like Girls could do with more references to undead grandparents and sleeping in a coffin, Adult Wednesday Addams is here to deliver." That's going on my resume/tombstone.

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Adult Wednesday Addams PREMIERES! 

She's alive!! I'm proud to announce the launch of my series ADULT WEDNESDAY ADDAMS. The first episode is online. There will be new episodes every Wednesday until Halloween!   

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